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Custom Hand-Built Wheels


A custom wheel set is like no other. And by, “no other”, I mean a wheel set tuned and aesthetically designed for you . . . and only you—the true bespoke wheel. Just like the tailor or seamstress of old handcrafted a suit or dress from the highest quality of materials according to his or her customer’s needs, MCW’s custom wheels are designed and hand-built bearing a single rider and their needs in mind out of the best products available. There are no excessive marketing campaigns or large management staff to water-down the products at MCW. I just focus on delivering transparent quality and good-looks in all of the custom-built wheels that leave MCW. Oh . . . and they ride rock-solid, too!




Each wheel build involves two main components: a proven wheel building method and a detailed design process. The latter requires acute attention to every detail of each rider I work with. It can be exhausting at times—you’re going to have to supply a lot of information—but in the end it’s well worth it.

As for the build method: I’ll supply you with some details without letting the entire cat out of the bag. Lots of builders use similar techniques but it’s the details which set us apart. Every wheel I build uses durable lubricants to make sure the wheels can be trued years down the road as well a mechanical or chemical thread adhesive to ensure they don’t lose their tension from use and abuse. I also have a four-step process for ensuring the spokes are properly set in the hub and stress relieved to avoid future spoke or hub failure. This is a huge component in the construction of a wheel that many builders ignore from either time constraints or inexperience. Lastly, all spokes are raised to optimal and even tension.

Warranty and Service

One last feature: the MCW warranty is pretty kick-ass. I call it the OnetoFive. I offer free truing and hub overhauls to match the warranty of the parts on your wheels. It’s my opinion that loyalty goes both ways.

Here’s how it works:

1-Year warranty on hubs and rims = 1-Year of free truing and hub services from MCW

2-Year warranty on hubs and rims = 2-Years of free truing and hub services from MCW

5-Year warranty on hubs and rims = 5-Years of free truing and hub services from MCW

Obviously this warranty comes with some exclusions and exceptions. See here for more of that.

Lastly, let me just say that there are lots of great wheel builders in the world, and so you may find another wheel builder you prefer. I just like to think between the product selection and build quality, customer service, and friends I’ve made along the way, I’ve got a pretty decent system—I hope you do, too!

How to Order

For pricing and details on a made-to-order custom wheelset, visit our new website exclusively for building and ordering custom wheelsets:



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